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Live Long and...

Unfortunately, I get to play the part of Sarek tonight in 

jesslin 's and my gaming group. We've had some serious friction develop between a few of the older members of the group and the newer ones, but they do not want to confront those bothering them directly (the older members have the issues with the newer ones), or even let them know they are ditching ahead of time. so I'm having to deal with it for them. If we would have had any inkling ahead of time—months and months ago— that there even might be a problem—it could have been easily solved with only a fraction of the bruised feelings that may now result. 

I do understand people's reluctance for conflict in this day and age (I'm as much an offender at times and anyone else), but not dealing with it until it's too late, quiting in the middle of an important time game-wize, and then expecting to have things work out favorably, simply drives me crazy. There used to be a time, not that long ago, when people were still more willing to communicate, even if it meant a few hurt feelings at the time, and actually try to work problems out for themselves, and the folks around them, directly (ok, at least where I grew up—and not that I always did, either), but I don't see it much anymore—almost never—and even I'm still trying to get better at it.

Of course the other issue that makes it harder for me, is that I like everyone in the game, and don't want anyone to have to leave. jesslin and I talked about it, and we agree that we both have an easier time in getting past some aspects of people's personalities better than others.

Either way, this is not a session I'm looking forward too.

To quote Sarek's son Spock: "I will never understand humans."



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