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I.33—Sword & Buckler heaven...

This past weekend,  jesslinand I participated in another wonderful seminar held by Gallowglass Academy. This one was specifically on the Royal Armories Manuscript I.33 from around the end of the 13th century, which is a focus on the study of Sword and Buckler.

Teaching was Maestro Sean Hayes of Northwest Academy of Arms, a truly amazing instructor and a very nice person to boot. I would highly recommend that anyone who ever gets the opportunity to take a class or work with Sean to do so.

We covered a good amount of material from the Manuscript, including learning some excellent tactical drills that help bring the techniques out of the static drill situation to one where you have to decide what to do on the fly (from a limited set of actions to start--you can add more layers of options and counters the more you develop). This really helps bring the system to life, and guide you toward really being able to understand and use the material properly in an actual bout.

The work was intense at times, and everyone got a very good workout—with only minimal bumps and bruises.

I was also very thankful for the opportunity to work with Sean directly a bit, as he chose me to be his demonstration assistant for many of the plays.

In all, the I.33 material is an excellent starting point for anyone who is interested in historical swordplay—it also can be adapted to work well within the SCA's armored or cut-and-thrust combat systems for those so inclined. Also, I.33 is the earliest "manual" on the use of the sword that we have from Europe, so this is an excellent and currently unique glimpse into how the sword was used, in part, in the medieval era.

Amazing fun!

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