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Coming June 3rd! The Meaning of Life?

42, or so it goes.
I’ve never been one to think about age that much before, but with so many folks I know having birthdays in May, I’ve been dwelling on it a bit. In my opinion, the number is pretty irrelevant other than having to deal with society’s strictures: Drive=16, Vote=18, Drink=21, Car insurance goes down=25, able to be President=35, Retire=65+/-, etc. I’m also very lucky, and have friends across most all ages, from teens that I’ve watched grow up with their parents, to some wonderful folks in their 60’s, and I can identify with all of them—more depending on their upbringing and personalities, than anything having to do with age.
Now, I do also know some folks going through their so-called “mid-life crisis,” and I’ve recently considered if I was also on that path, but I think of it, for myself anyway, more as a revitalization and re-realization that I’m still the same person I always have been, that I’m no older or younger than I choose to let myself be, feel, or act, and that it just doesn’t matter where “society” thinks I should be pigeon-holed.
My life experience so far has brought me to a point where I can honestly say with some confidence, that I actually understand myself better than I ever have, and that I’m much more comfortable with myself as a person and my many idiosyncrasies. I also find that I’m much more understanding and aware of my own faults—especially how they can affect me and the people around me I care about. I try to adjust and address them better—not always successfully, but I also understand that it’s just all part of being one of the very fallible creatures that humans are. So, to me anyway, the old adage “Through age comes wisdom” is relatively misleading, and should more correctly read: ‘Through experience comes wisdom.’ Duh.
Anyway, I’m not sure this post really has much of a point, other than just being a few rambling thoughts. Life definitely IS short, though, and I plan on trying to enjoy every moment of it that I’m afforded, sharing as much of it as possible with the people I love and care about.
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