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Just confirmed that one of my favorite beers on the planet, Rodenbach Grand Cru, is once again being imported into the US! The brewery changed hands back in 1998, IIRC, but the process seems to not have changed, and the bottle I've tried recently is pretty-much as I remember it: Ambrosia. This is definitely not for everyone though, and can be quite a shock to the uninitiated. 

Rodenbach's Grand Cru is an outstanding example of a Flemish Red Ale. It is made from aged stock, vibrant in flavor, and quite sour.




You should try Duchesse du Bourgenoine (sp?) - it was one of only two beers I had more than one glass of in Belgium, it was that good. And yes, it is a Flemish Red (although not a Gran Cru). I don't think it's available regularly in the US, though - Margalit had to special order the 1/2 case she got me from Belgium for my B-day a few years ago. Still, keep an eye out.