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Catching up, and crazy busy

So the last two weeks have been crazed, and there is much more to come.

The Port Washington Pirate Festival was great, and it was wonderful having 

queenserenity42there to help us out. Not only did we get to catch up a bit with our friends, the Jolly Rogers, a pirate themed singing group from Kansas, but got to spend time in the basement catacombs of an old closed bank, when the festival was put under a tornado warning on Sunday.

Saturday was excellent, though, and a bunch of folks came out to see us, including  metyldapryde, marielaf, mousejc, ksob, and many others—it's always nice to have folks around that you know.

This past weekend, jesslinand I were at another Gallowglass event: Scholar's Day. The highlight for me was a class on German mounted combat, where the teacher created these excellent horse simulators (static, but they will have wheels eventually ^___^) that were dubbed: equi-sims. They even moved around a bit when you mounted—it was rather accurate. Much fun was had, and we're trying to convince Patrick to bring the equi-sims to MKAoD, and be part of a potential entire track of classes on mounted combat and skills.

Other classes were on Pallas Armata's rapier, 19th c. military sabre, walking stick/cane self-defense, and collar grabs in Fiore.

A very fun weekend, other than my back not wanting to cooperate and keeping me at much less than 100%. I just hope it holds out for this next week—we'll be back at Gallowglass for a weekend of pugilism, stick fighting, and wrestling, taught by Ken Pfrenger. We've been trying to get him out to teach for over two years, and it seems that something always comes up to prevent it—here's keeping my fingers crossed.

Then Border Skirmish; then...

Oy, it's a busy Summer.


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