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Well, I didn't expect "that" this morning...

To anyone who may still be online: I made it home, but the phones are out—cell too, so I haven't been able to contact jesslin  or queenserenity42  to see if they know what's going on. Jesslin especially, since I'm not sure the trains are still running yet, back from the city. I just wish there was some way to contact her right now.

I really never thought that it would happen—who actually believes this stuff anyway?

I managed a supply-run on the way back, so I'm set for food for a while, water, something to cover the windows, too, but it's too far away to risk getting ammo right now, so the 100 rounds or so will have to do. Thankfully the swords in the collection are mostly decent quality—gotta get 'em sharp though—and get the armor out, just in case.

Who knew that having a 14th c. transitional harness would actually come in handy some day. Yikes.

Well, It's still quiet here at least—I don't think the 'burbs have been affected as bad yet—not to mention that I bet most people aren't aware enough to figure it out anyway—I'm sure I'll have to deal with them later.

Time to email everyone I know in hopes—gotta figure out a place we all can gather to hold out as safe as possible.

Gotta try the phones again, too. 

WTF! I just heard choppers fly over—this can't be good.

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