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SCA Meme

I sure have changed in how I approach the SCA over the last 16-plus years.

1. What is your SCA name?
The Honourable Lord Adrian Flechyr, CBR, CE, CW, CCK

2. What is your home kingdom?
The Middle Kingdom.

3. Have you ever lived in another kingdom? If so, where?

4. Do you remember your first SCA event? When/what was it?
Musician’s Day, at the College of Grey Gargoyles, in 1989

5. Do you have any awards? (You don't have to list them if you don't want)
AoA, Willow, Cavendish Knot, Evergreen, Bronze Ring

6. Do you list them after your name in communications like e-mail?
Sometimes. Usually when I want to make a specific point.

7. Do you have a device?

8. Do you use it? On what?
Occasionally: Banners, Favors, Websites

9. Are you on all the kingdom/society lists available to you, or do you avoid them?
I skim most, as I find little useful information on them. I occasionally participate when an important topic arises, and I feel my imput is useful.

10. Do you keep your Pennsic/Estrella/Gulf Wars/etc. site tokens?

11. Do you keep the favors you've been given by royalty/friends/SOs, etc.? Do you wear them all?
I do keep them, although they live in a proverbial SCA “junk-drawer” after specific reigns are over.

12. Do you call your friends by their SCA names even when you're not at an event?
Yes, and even in reverse, where the real name pops out at events.

13. Do you go out to dinner in garb after an event?
If the situation calls for it out of necessity, or convenience. I sure don’t go out of my way for it.

14. Do you have all kinds of garb, or do you generally stick to one period?
I tend to stick to the late 16th century, but do have a few earlier kits for when the mood strikes for a change. I also will occasionally try to match an events description if it appeals to me.

15. How many interests do you have within the SCA? What's your favorite?
My interestes are many, and thankfully they are not limited to being practiced within the SCA. Historical Fencing & Martial Arts, Brewing, Singing, etc.

16. Do you have an SCA-oriented web site (to show off projects, keep dress diaries, etc.)?
No. Only listing pages for the Orders of the Bronze Ring and Evergreen.

17. Do you maintain a hairstyle that is more period style than modern? How about any other part of your appearance?
I have long hair because I like having long hair. It fits or it doesn’t.

18. Do you tell "No $###, there I was" stories? (Admit it.)
Of course.

19. Authenticity is Fun. Yes or no?
I am a firm believer in authenticity, and continually strive to make my kit, and activities, as accurate as possible.

20. Is there one modern thing at events that really bugs you?
Athletic shoes, soda cans, jeans, t-shirts, I-pods, cell-phones, modern-world conversations, etc.

21. Everyone has a shameful garb/accessory mistake hidden somewhere in their past. What's yours? (We're all friends here, we promise not to laugh. Much.)
Nothing specific. My garb was cheap and fast when I started since I had little money. There was one though, come to think of it, when my hair was first re-growing out, many many years ago, I had a t-tunic and a straw hat combo that was rather frightning in a you-don’t-want-to-go-there kind of way.
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