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Staying Alive, staying alive. Ah, ah, ah, ah: staying alive...

Heard from marielaf, and I think tokyoloveis in shock.

The last batch of helicopters were followed by explosions somewhere off to the SE again. I can see smoke off in the distance from upstairs.

OK, so I'm a bit stressed. There was a knock at the door. I thought it might be Jesslin—it wasn't.

I think it was one of the neighbors from down the block—all reaction—a perfect lunge—right through the eye—I relocked the door. The rapier is still out there—thankfully I've got more.

He was already dead, In know, and it was him or me, but I still can't shake it—I threw up twice already—pulse is way up—I'm shaking.

I will not let them get me, though. I will not go down like this. I...WE can do this. As Ramon says, 'you just have to solve the problem."

Yeah, Ramon, it's that easy—right.

Writing this at least is calming me down a bit.

Again, the waiting...


I only wish I had known you IRL. Good luck,walls are holding here...for now. Still hoping my kids are ok but I doubt it. Ex is a dumbass and I have all the swords. Quiet here for now....