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Not dead yet...

Powers out, but I'm picking up a faint wireless signal from somewhere—battery won't last long though.

Yeah, that was closeeee, sssory if I sscared anyone—I just managedddd to get most of the bits of skull and goo cleaned out of the keyboarddd, but sssssome of the keysss stilllll stick a bit.

The "two" weren't zzzzzombies at all, turns out, but two of the neighborhood no-good-nicks looking to break in and steal. They had a pistol, but 30 rounds in a second from the AR took care of the issue, thankfully they had no idea what to do with the gun—the single round that they managed went into the door frame, unfortunately, there are bits of them everywhere. It didn't take long for some of them to show up and feast—they left the door alone.

Somehow—a miracle—Jesslin made it home a few minutes ago, too. I nearly whacked her by accident, she was covered in gore, and when she called out, I nearly shat myself.

We're holed in now, waiting for the darkness of night to come. The helicopters are less frequent, and its starting to get oddly calm. The air sirens sounded once, and the police rolled by saying to stay inside. Every once and a while I still hear the report of small arms.

This is gonna be a hell of a night. I'm shutting down to save power, and I hope to be able to post in the morning.

To everyone: Good Night and Good Luck.
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