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That's a wrap...

So, to anyone who missed it, was confused, or annoyed, yesterday's zombie weirdness is the result of this:


I first learned of it yesterday morning myself, from rowandoll, and it was just what the doctor ordered. The massive silliness in seriousness really helped to take the edge off a really stressful work week. 

Who knew that zombies overtaking the world could be therapeutic. ^_^

Sorry we messed up a lot of folks flist pages, but it was just too much fun.




Totally destroyed any chance at productivity I had yesterday. I was checking in probably every 20 minutes or so all day, even took my work laptop home (which I try very hard not to do) because it's easier to post from than my Mac.

But what a blast!! One of the reasons I got on LJ was in hopes of getting back to writing fiction. This definitely worked!

I agree, it ought to be compiled--but what a huge job it would be.
you mean it really WAS just all a bad dream?

LOL it was fun. and yeah I was checking my lj all day too lol.
I wish I had been home earlier in the day and followed the 'progress' as the zombies invaded. But it was cool to read!

And glad to know you and jesslin survived. ;)