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Ah, Bristol...

jesslin  and I started our 10th season as Tourdion this weekend, and aside from the 90+ temp, high humidity, string breaks, and chain saw, it was just falling right back in to it, as if we've never been away...

Freakin' Chainsaw?!?!?!?!?!?!? Yeah, they hired a new stage act who juggles a chainsaw in his show—actually a good bit and act, but it so doesn't belong at Bristol. 

Bristol was always known as a more historical minded faire, and tried for many years to keep out things that can blatantly ruin the 'mood' they try and create. However, over the past several years there has been a fundamental shift away from really trying to hide a lot of modern 'rip you back to the real world' things. We musicians, though, are still under a relatively strict 'no modern references or recognizable songs' clause, but apparently that no longer applies to everyone (another rant on its own). Even the merchants have been affected, since they started to allow the selling of ready-made, imported, or slightly altered goods, instead of the old stricter policy of everything must be hand made. So now there is even a shop that sells DVDs and CDs, and a boot maker where everything is imported from China (no matter what they try and tell you).

With all this, in my opinion, Bristol takes another step toward being just another average Ren Faire.

Thankfully, there is still a bit of the old magic around for those who know where to find it, and for all the changes over the years, even all the bad ones, we still love the place, and always will.

We'll be back for weeks 4, 5 , 6, and 8 this season, and hopefully can help keep a bit of that old magic alive.

To all our friends and fans (many like family), both old and new: thank you all so much—you're the real reason we keep coming back.



Hey there!
Alright, although it was impromptu and we seem to all have slightly different versions in our heads, I LOVED the semi-singalong at the front gate on Sunday! Now I understand why Jesslin was the human metronome in years past! ;)

Thanks for the add!!
Yay! flechyr finally got off his-- Friended you! :) Now I don't have to explain about the wasps *again* ::snicker::

the long-distance singalong was pretty darn cool. As long as there's a 'designated leader', the rest of us just have to learn to read lips. At least I know mostly where you learned your versions from, so it's pretty easy to get into them. I miss singing with you, ya know? (which is weird to say, since we never actually *have* sung together, but... well, you get the idea :D ) I love your voice!