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40 Questions - SCA meme

Snagged from purplebard:

1. Mundane Name: Adam

2. Mundane Job: Graphic Designer/Musician

3. Persona name: Adrian Flechyr

4. How did you come up with your name? Help from Herald Ian Jameson historifying a similar first name from an old D&D character of mine (Auldran), and the fact that I was heavily interested in archery when I first started

5. Where and when did your persona live? Originally mid 15th century England, but morphed to late 16th century England

6. What is your Known World Location? Shire of Ravenslake

7. What kingdom do you consider to be your home? Midrealm

8. How long have you played? 18 years

9. How did you get started? Got info from someone at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

10. Why did you join? Interest in history

11. Have you registered a name? Yes

12. Have you registered a device? Yes

13. What awards have you been granted? AoA, Willow, Cavendish Knot, Bronze Ring, Evergreen

14. How many events do you attend each year? 5-10

15. What is the best event you have ever been to? Pennsic XX

16. What is the worst event you have ever been to? Too hard to say. None have been a total waste, but many have been close

17. What event do you make it to every year? MKAOD, 12th Night, Boar's Head, Stone Dog Inn, All Souls, Border Skirmish

18. What event do you refuse to go to? None, although Ohio and Southern Indiana are not high on my priority list for events

19. Who is your favorite person to hang at an event with? Impossible to choose a single person: Logos, Terrence, Kyrstyan, Phaedra, Detrich, Evzenie, Marie, Alexander, Maggie, Etc.

20. What activities do you participate in? Rapier Combat, Cut and Thrust, Heavy Combat, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Brewing, Period Combat, Bardic, Etc.

21. What activity would you like to learn? Not so much learn, but progress to high-end Leatherworking.

22. Are you a marshal? Yes, Heavy, Rapier, and Cut and Thrust

23. How many tents have you had destroyed at events? One

24. Has your garb ever caught on fire? Smouldered only

25. Have you ever woken up in a strange person’s tent? Strange as in 'weird' or strange as in 'complete and total stranger'? if the latter: No

26. Do you have a pavilion? Yes

27. Are you a peer? No

28. Do you ever want to be a peer? It would be fun, but I don't really care if it happens or not—I feel that the peerage system is mostly broken anyway, along with many of the other higher level awards

29. Is it a coincidence that peer rhymes with beer? Knowing the origins of the SCA, probably not

30. Are you a squire, apprentice or protegee? Squire

31. Who would you like to be squired, apprenticed or protegee'd to? I don't see a point to it anymore. My current relationship is upheld due to my personal beliefs, honor, and friendship, and nothing to do with the SCA's supposed reasoning, even though similar

32. What is your war cry? Why yell, just kill them

33. Have you ever been pulled off of the field for your safety? No

34. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you in armour? Nothing specifically 'funny' that I can recall.

35. Have you read Corpora? Some

36. Circlets, how do you feel? I don't care either way

37. What household(s) do you belong to? House Ostwestly, Guild of St. Jude, and I still carry a close personal association with the defunct Treptower

38. If you could change one thing about the SCA what would it be? To actually make the SCA a more historically minded and accountable organization, just like it says it is in the SCA's mission statement.

39. What is your favorite part of the SCA? Being with friends, teaching those who are willing to listen and learn

40. What is your SCA Goal for the next 7 years? I don't have any specific SCA goals any longer, but my own goals that still apply are all related to being more historically accurate and knowledgeable, including my kit(s), fighting, brewing, etc.
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