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Little Shop & Rocky Horror on the BIG screen...outdoors

This past Saturday night, myself,

jesslin, marielaf, metyldapryde, and several other friends made a venture to the McHenry Outdoor Theater to see two classic cult faves: Little Shop of Horrors (the 1961 B&W version) and the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It was an excellent and rather nostalgic evening for me, since I realized that the last time I was at an outdoor show was in 1977—heh, I was 12 (I originally thought it was '74, but I realized my error today).

If you've never experienced an outdoor, I highly recommend it—and do it soon, too, since there aren't that many left in the country still in business (although more than you might think). Check out Drive-Ins.com to see what's still around, and a bunch of other cool pictures and stuff.

The movies themselves were of course a blast, especially since I haven't seen either in a long while, let alone on the big screen—and never at an outdoor. There were plenty of folks dressed and ready for RHPS, too, including a bunch of teens—heh, the tradition lives on to another generation—very cool, and of course, the appropriate lines were shouted, toast was thrown, and the TP looked like fireworks as it was thrown high into the projection light stream.

Too much fun. :)

Oh, and here's a photo I managed during the intermission—gotta love the dancing hot dog. ^_^



Dude! You didn't call to let us know!

I may never forgive you....:P

(Owen wants to see RHPS, and it's time...)
Very sorry—didn't think you guys would have been available, especially since we all put it together relatively late in the week.

And, yeah, Owen should be ready for it, but definitely try to get him to see it in a theater for his first time—it just isn't the same on DVD/Video.

We're already planning to make time to make it back to this theater next season.

Also, there is at least one more weekend this season (same weekend as Fox Hunt) IIRC, they'll be showing The Birds, and Psycho.

I had a great time! That was the first time I'd been to a drive-in. Loved being able to be social, move around, etc. I was a little disappointed with how little of the RHPS back-chat I remembered, but the rest of the gang is probably just as happy I didn't recall more! 8D Meh, no matter, it was definitely fun and I do want to do it again next season.
Heyt here - I have a completely unrelated question, though man, I haven't seen the intermission hot dog in a decade or more. ok, more like two decades. Christ.


I have some questions about copyright and traditional music..cuz im recording again and I dont want to get sued. Do you have my email, Adam? I can't seem to find yours.
Hmm, don't seem to have it, and it's not in your LJ profile. However, mine IS listed in my LJ profile, and you should be able to see it. If not, go to www.tourdion.net and use the one there. Or, take a wild stab and guess it, and send it to @gmail.com. :)