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They were actual size, but they seemed much bigger...

jesslin, queenserenity42, and I went to see They Might Be Giants, on Saturday, at the Vic Theater in Chicago—What a great show!

I've been a big fan of TMBG since their Flood album (1990), and I haven't seen them live in over ten years, so this was a huge treat. I don't tend to make many modern shows anymore, but thankfully, so_zanie and evils_thoughts gave us the head's up on this one, and we met up with them for the show.

TMBG played an excellent mix of songs from their vast catalog, including most all of the crowd favorites, ending their second Encore and the show with an amazing arrangement of Istanbul, that included a separate extended lead-in solo piece by their long-time guitarist (Dan Miller) on acoustic guitar, showing his skill on several variations around the melody with a ton of complex fingerstyle work, and plectrum work—the highlight of the show for me—brilliant.

It was also great to see them with a live horn section this time, and the Tricerachops Horns didn't dissapoint, and again, true to form, John and John made sure to feature them, and their outstanding musicianship, quite prominently.

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