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Anyone else SecondLife?

Curious if anyone else has a SecondLife account. 

I've gotten involved through work—we're setting up a Bookstore and a Latin Learning Villa, to help promote Bolchazy, Latin, the Classics, and the Latin Educational Community. (There's a lot of eLearning starting up in SL).

I wasn't sure of the place at first—lots of pron, spam, and gimicks, but there is quite a bit of decent content if you look hard enough—especially for geeks of all types, and there are a bunch of fun things to see and do, too. So, essentially, I'm having a blast and I'm at least temporarily hooked on it. Lots of wandering around, searching, interacting, etc., and the Basic account is free (You do need a pretty good graphics card in your machine, though).

Anywho, if anyone else plays there, or decides to give it a shot, look me up: Flechyr Binder. Of course, being the geek that I am, you'll usually find me wandering around in a Starfleet uniform, or a toga if I'm in the Roma area doing work stuff.

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