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Natural 1

Time to roll up a new character...

Just heard that Gary Gygax has passed away.

Thanks for the game, Gary, and sorry you missed that last saving throw.

*Raises a glass, and a handful of 6-siders*




I edited for Gary for a few years with the Lejendary Adventures rulebooks and magazine. He was a hilarious, intelligent, fascinating old coot.

Whenever we'd shipped a new issue of the magazine, Lochlainn and I would drive out to Lake Geneva and deliver it. In the summer we'd sit on his porch and chat as the pretty tourist girls in their bikinis walked by toward the beach.

Gary was never too busy to autograph a rulebook or discuss some arcane facet of gaming.

It's weird to hear someone spoken about in such fun, joking, and jovial tones has passed. May he be remembered for those good times by those who knew him, and be remembered for the good times he created by those that game.

May he live on in all that play DnD.