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Go see "Los Desaparecidos." We did. :)

Since there are at least several people that may not know about this yet . . .

On Sunday, jesslin and I went to the opening performance of the play Los Desaparecidos at the Raven Theater in Chicago.

Review: good story, solid play, good performance, much fun, go see it, nuff said. The play only runs through May 11th, so GO NOW: HURRY!

More linkage: Babes with Blades

PS: Yes we do know a bunch of the folks directly involved in this, but really: it's a good time—Go!


Yay! :)
Thanks too much for coming out!
This is a good show and we're all finding our stride now.

It was great to see you both!
Hmm. They're just up the street from me.
Love the icon. It totally looks like you.