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Tourdion 1

Great event and another coming this week


jesslin and I performed at the Reclaiming our Heritage festival in Milwaukee, on May 31st. We weren't sure what to expect, but this event is a really wonderful collection of reenactors from all periods of American history—from 1600 up through the modern day. I would highly recommend this event to everyone for next year.

Also, we'll be performing at the Isle a la Cache Museum's Island Rendezvous this weekend, June 15th-16th. Our official show time is from 1:30-2:30 pm on Sunday, but we'll also be doing a wandering set that morning, also. There's a link to a full schedule of the event at the bottom of the Island Rendezvous page as a Word doc file.

Yet another chance to be all 18th century!

In other 16th century news, we'll be back at the Bristol Ren Faire this summer, performing the first three weekends only!

Come on out! ^_^



Yea know, I have never been to a "real" ren faire. What kind of show do you guys put on?

BTW, are you gonna do the MKAOD thing? I'd really like to get some time with ya to go over some of the pugilism stuff...

That, or maybe Pennsic?
We are a music act, and our show is playing folk music. Of course, the music isn't actually 16th century, though (a few songs are close), as most ren fair musicians play mostly 17th-19th century songs.

Yup, MKAOD is a go, and don't forget that the Pas will be allowing several demo challenges with Cut & Thrust weapons and rules.

I will also be at Pennsic, as will Christian Tobler and Greg Mele (not to mention Scott Wilson, and prolly a bunch of other Tattershall folks, too, at least). The potential for some period MA work, there, is rather high, I'd say. :)

Pugilism work can easily be done at both MKAOD and Pennsic. :)
I will be at Ren Faire this year, so I will look for you!