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Seeing The Moody Blues at the Genesee

 So, for jesslin's Birthday gift (back on May 5), I got us tickets to see the Moody Blues at the Genesee Theater in Waukegan. The show was this past Sunday night.

Now, I've been to a lot of oldies-type concerts over the years, but I don't think I've ever seen a crowd more old and tired than this one—for the first half, anyway—they had almost no energy, and gave even less of that to the band. Thankfully, though, there was an intermission, and the crowd had a chance to liquor up a bit, and relax.

The second half of the show was much better, and the booze apparently did some good for the crowds mood, loosening up even the oldest of the throngs of 60 yo+ concert goers.

The MBs, themselves, were quite good, and covered a heck of a lot of the territory of their 40+ year career. Their voices and musicianship were still up to snuff, as were the arrangements, and the additional musicians. A well done and enjoyable show.

Yes, the concert was mainly for Jesslin's sake, but even though I'm not a real "fan" of the MBs, they did manage to hit all the right buttons for me by playing a very good selection of their earliest, and best, hits.

I'd also like to comment that the Genesee is a great venue, and rather attractive since its recent restoration. Sight lines are great, and sound was OK—a bit bass-heavy for me, but that seems to be more the norm of late, and the fault of the mix, not the venue.
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