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NHS Class of 1983

So, I actually went to my 25 year high school class reunion and it didn't totally suck, although "fun" wouldn't be the correct word to use for the experience, either. It was, however, a worthwhile time. jesslin was amused.

Out of a graduating class of  300, only about 150 people were able to be contacted, and of that, only about 60 people showed up—rather disapointing IMO for the 25th, even though I hold no real attachment to it all.

I had no idea what to expect, especially since there were only a few people I was actually interested in seeing again, anyway, and all but two of them didn't even show up, but there were a few decent conversations, a good number of former band brats, a few odd reconnections, lots of returned memories, several "oh yeah" moments, and the often morbid curiosity associated with these events was officially sated.

In the end, I will say that our class seems to have done pretty well for coming from a small town, and I am thankful for the quality and high level of education I got there. [info]jesslin said it though, and thinking on it a bit more, I really agree with her: although this is where I grew up, I am not really a true product of it. It seems that who I am, especially now, is much more connected to my college and early adult years than my high school ones.

So, anyway, here's to the Niles (Michigan) High School class of 1983. Go Vikings!

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