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Sword-Porn Alert: Darkwood Acquisition from Pennsic

Scott of Darkwood Armory put this rapier together for me at Pennsic, and although it isn't a custom-made piece, it is definitely the best sword I've purchased from him, so far. It balances much more closely to the few real pieces I've held, and with the pierced blade that matches the cuts in the shell, I find it rather attractive. The blade is 42" long.

I've really fallen for the Pappenheimer style hilts over the last few years, and the rings in front of the plates really makes this one, for me.
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Very sexy. Now you have me debating between going to KWAR and ordering the custom rapier I've been wanting. (Ooooh, I like that -- I can blame it all on you. Score! :)
oooooo, pretty!

*lust* *lust* *DROOL*
You do realize you're a sword whore, right?
Wow. That is absolutely beautiful!
Tres sexy!