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Fun & (Media) Exposure at MKAOD

Good, but a bit too warm of a weekend. Only fought C&T on Saturday for the Pas demos, and we managed to attract a bit of attention from the local media:


Much fun was had by many.

Here the pics from the article, just in case they pull it down anytime soon...

C&T in full harness is an absolute blast!

Edit: For those that may not know, I'm the one in red & black.


That second picture is very good. It's too bad they couldn't use that one in the article as well as the top one.

It looked like you guys had a good time on the field. Is this something we can incorporate into future MKAODs?
It went very well, and yeah: we're already planning to have C&T be a part of the Pas again, next year.
See now I went LAST year. Couldn't travel that far south THIS year and EVERYONE was there *sigh*.
I must say, you look "very fine" in your black and red harness!
Thanks, I've had it for years, but since I don't fight heavy that often anymore, its still in pretty good shape so still looks decent. :)
Yeah, a pretty good article. She mentioned during the interview that she's been around other reenactors before, and it was obvious that she "got it"—a nice change from the too-often clueless reporters that are usually out there.
You are SUCH a hunk... Just sayin'. :)