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There are things

For many in my generation, being raised when we were—through the cold war and the rough times of the end of the 60s and 70s, there were things we never expected to see in our lifetime:

The fall of the Berlin wall.

The break up of the USSR.

A Woman or African-American as President.

I am again utterly speechless, as I was the first two times—especially for someone as cynical as I am, and generally down on the entire human race—every once and a while the world surprises you, and does the most amazing thing.

I am in awe of what we have achieved.

Today is a very good day to be an American.

And, to add, what old wall can we break down next?


Gay rights.
Part of me just wants to see what happens with this new elected group will do. I remember the rejoicing that happened when Carol Mosley Braun was elected - as the first female African-American senator - only to be taken down by scandals of her own making.

I don't think Obama is a Mosley Braun. I think he is a better person that she ever was. I can only hope that the leading of this country doesn't change him or his ideals.

What do we have left to conquer or overcome? I don't know if it's overcome, conquer, or simply fix. We have reservations where people live in appalling conditions. We have immigration issues - the answer to which will probably please no one. We have the wars, the economy, and we have the 'moral' battles as well.

I think this election was historic for women - not because of Palin. Clinton, while I did not agree with her on everything, made a run for the White House. While she did not succeed, she was not a token female on the campaign trail. She was there beating the bushes and taking the hard shots. That to me is also historic, in that she was almost on the ticket. Not some Bible Spice Barbie that was picked to snatch up her supporters.

I think the next big hurdle I would like to see would be a religion outside of Christianity and Judaism being elected to a high office. Why? Not to be snarky, but I think there are some areas of the country that need to see other religions in a more positive light, that they aren't wrong, just a different option.

I hope the future is as bright as everyone is claiming it to be.

I'm such an Eeyore, aren't I?
Touching :3
I guess it would be the wall of the Russian hatred and intolerance. At least, I hope that would happen, being myself a witness of the Cold War.

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