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Quick KWAR Recap

Thursday night:
     Drinking with friends

     Taught 3 classes:
          Developing a Safe and Proper Lunge
          Gaining the Blade-Mechanical Advantage in Italian Rapier
          Developing a Proper Feint
     Dinner driving adventure courtesy of Sir Logos' ability with new technology
     Drinking with friends
     Late night half-drunken Dusak fighting

     Clerk of the Roster issued new Authorization Cards
     Company of St. Jude Prize Play (Cut & Thrust challenge)
          Finally got to cross steel with Earl Sir Brian of Darkwood Armory
     Court (Congrats to the newest Bronze Ring: Sibyl Sevenoke)
     Drinking with friends (LOTS of Single Malt)
     Tuning a guitar for Mateo
     Late night half-drunken Equi-sims class, featuring an encounter between Sir Logos' forehead and a door frame

     Field trip to the Frazier Arms Museum

I sat in on several other classes, did a bunch of shopping (yes, the right kind of mail DOES pass the drop test), did lots of schmoozing, and just plain had a great time.



So apparently this KWAR should have been subtitled: Alcohol and Adventures with Sir Logos?

Edited at 2008-11-11 09:54 pm (UTC)