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Todai - Fun Restaurant Find

jesslin  and I were in the mood for sushi on Saturday, but were in the mood to find someplace new to try, and after a little online searching, we turned up Todai at Woodfield Mall, and braved the holiday traffic to go there.

Although this place is a buffet, it isn't exactly cheap ($19 for lunch / $28 for dinner / no drinks included) but we found it to be easily worth the price, especially considering most folks would run up at least that at a regular sushi/seafood place. The food and variety was surprisingly good, so needless to say, we stuffed ourselves to near exploding. The (raw) marinated tilapia and salmon were a highlight for me. Jesslin appreciated that they had three choices of crab, including blue, snow, and her favorite of the evening: dungeness.

Aside from the mountain of sushi goodness, they also have several hot seafood dishes, crepes, soup, desserts, salads, soba, oysters, and we probably missed some things—I think there is a complete list on their website.

Todai reminded us of the huge buffets in Las Vegas, and no surprise, one of their US locations is there.

As far as an actual review goes, all I'll say is that we plan on going back. :)


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