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Great Weekend at ReenactorFest

What an amazing event—reenactors from nearly every period—Roman to WWII. jesslin  and I were hired on as entertainment, and had an excellent time performing as Tourdion. We even decided to jump ahead about 150 years for the event, to the mid 18th century (Colonial), which is a much better representation time-wise for the music we play. It was great, too, getting more than a few double takes from friends that know us mainly as Elizabethans.



We saw many familiar faces, many also in different kit than we’re used to, and met many new and interesting folks from around the country.


For those that understand the concept of “the Dream” (that moment in time where everything jells for an instant and you truly feel as though you’re somewhere, or some when, else), I had an incredible moment when walking down some stairs, and encountering three “kids,” no more than 18 or 19 years old, walking up towards me. They were dressed in US WWII infantry battle uniforms, and had an odd far away look in their eyes (turns out they were looking for some friends). It was surreal, in that instant, everything just “clicked”—it was 1944, and these guys must have just walked in off the battlefield. Their kits (and many, many more folks kits) were just incredible. It was also especially gratifying to get a moment like this from an era that I don’t have a great interest in myself.


It was also very nice to hang out much of the day with  queenserenity42 , and introduce her to the extended family of House Ostwestly. She’s part of the “family” now, since I took her as an “official” Rapier Student.



Unfortunately, we wound up missing the Grand Ball on Saturday evening due to an unexpected crash of my system (I got very ill, very suddenly) and had to leave in a hurry (Blech). We learned that we definitely missed out, since the Ball apparently ran about three hours of actual historical dance, then on a whim of the DJ and Event coordinator, played the Time Warp, and had a pretty wild time there on out. Note: we will not miss this next year.


Thankfully, I felt fine again this morning, and we went back to play our Sunday show. We chatted and shopped a bit more, then said our goodbyes, packed up, and headed for home—we’re already planning for next year! It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to participate in this very special event, and we're very thankful that folks like our music enough to hire us.


For anyone interested in reenacting, or just interested in history, this is an event that shouldn’t be missed. This was only the event’s second year, but was apparently double the size of the first, and looks like it will continue to grow. Check out their site: www.reenactorfest.com

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