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Send Help Immediately - Tourdion and I are now on Twitter *facepalm*

If you would like to follow Tourdion:

I feel a little dirty about it, but if you would like to follow me:

In other news, Tourdion will be back at ReenactorFest in February!


Following both now!
*falls over laughing* At least I'm not pimping mine out! LOLOL!!!
Facebook IS the Starter Drug for Twitter
...I don't think I can ever go home again. I cannot face the shame...

Wait, doesn't being on Twitter require one to....oh, I don't know... WRITE SOMETHING?! ::shaking head:: Man, it's a good thing I love you...
Yeah! Reenactor Fest!

And ... hey! I had a twitter account. And now I have a new one.