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Historical Martial Arts classes at Pennsic: WMAinSCA Schedule

For our second year in a row, the WMAinSCA camp is offering a full series of Historical Martial Arts classes at this years Pennsic War 39 (www.pennsicwar.org), in a continuing effort to bring the Western Martial Arts and the SCA Combat communities closer together, and to share in the study and research of the Historical Arts to all interested.

The full class schedule is posted at: www.flechyr.com/WMAinSCA along with a downloadable PDF version to print and take with you to Pennsic. Any changes to the schedule, and any additional information (like our camp location) will be maintained and updated on the website (including the PDF) up until a day or two before Pennsic, so check back before heading out.

This year's line up features some very special classes by: Tom Leoni, Christian Tobler, and Greg Mele, to name a few, along with a host of other SCA and WMA instructors with classes ranging from I.33 through Pallas Armata.

Come join us, there's definitely something for everyone, and be ready for some excellent training!

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