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Ten Song Meme...

List 10 songs that begin with the letter given to you and explain why you picked them. Leave a Comment and I’ll give you a letter to use for your list.


My list - I was given the letter "T", by lifeonwry, with the caveat of no songs that begin with “The” :

1. Thela hun Ginjeet (King Crimson) – Learned of this band in college and they quickly became one of my favorites. This song has it all: the musicianship, the energy, the passion, and the irreverence.


2. Ticket to Ride (Beatles) – Quite simply the Beatles were a huge influence on my love of music and my early life. This song may not be my ultimate favorite of theirs, but is a great example of their musical brilliance.


3. Take the “A” Train (Duke Ellington) – An early favorite from high school that helped develop my interest in Jazz and contemporary big band music, leading me toward music college


4. Tourdion (Tourdion) – A great early dance tune. Not to mention that life would be very different if I never would have heard it.


5. Take Five (Dave Brubeck) – Another defining tune in my musical development, and my love of Jazz. Odd time signatures rule.


6. Turn, Turn, Turn (Byrds) – Another classic, and another song that helped define my love of 60’s rock, and folk music.


7. Teenage Wasteland (The Who) – An anthem for those of us who just happened to grow up in the 70’s


8. Teddy Bear (Elvis Presley) – This was in a collection of 45’s that was given to me by my cousin when I was a kid. The diversity in that collection was amazing, and I ate it up—I still have some of the 45s.


9. Time of the Season (The Zombies) – That wonderfully mysterious sound and groove, and one of my favorite bands of all time. They were way under-rated.


10. Top of the Pops (Smithereens) – Not my favorite song from the album, but their music was key in me getting through an important transitional period in my life, with some great memories to go with it.
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